Testimonials & Press

Julie Nelson
NBC KARE 11 News Anchor

"I heard Dave speak... and was so impressed and learned so much from his talk... I immediately said we have to get this guy in to educate all of us because I want all of you to learn what I learned that day... Dave's a great guy to ask questions..."
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Holly Inniger
Technology & Media Teacher

"GET Dave Eisenmann to Your School!!! HE WAS FABULOUS!  He didn't lecture the kids, he didn't tell them they are doing dumb things and stop.  He encouraged them to continue to use the technology for positive things and outcomes. I would HIGHLY recommend him! " (More)

Lisa S.
General Mills

Thank you again for coming to speak, we have been getting really good feedback. I have been telling many parents outside of GM as well about your presentation and the resources you have put together. I think that the content and presentation really hit on what parents here wanted to learn about.

Nancy V.
Parent & University Professor

"Your presentation was so well done, so needed, so well-received. I hope you felt appreciated when you left there because I know it had a big impact on the staff as well as the students. At the end of the day when my kids got home, they were able to reiterate quite precisely all the big messages you had focused on in the presentation and I couldn't help but appreciate even more the clear design and delivery of the important content you shared with them. THANK YOU for visiting and for all you do to promote those life changing and enhancing messages for kids all over the state!"

Mark M.
Parent & School Director

"I just wanted to say thank you again for coming to talk about CyberSafety. My two daughters, one in 7th and the other in 8th, commented on not only your content, but how well you presented the content. Specifically, how your manner of presentation kept them interested throughout. They loved the incorporation of the texting surveys. They could tell you knew what you were talking about and that you were comfortable with the material. I, too, enjoyed your presentations and found them very informative."

Adam F.
Youth Leader

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation last night. It went well and I appreciated that you had good examples of building a positive digital footprint. It’s not something I’ve heard very often in these kinds of presentations so I’m glad to see that as a part of your overall approach.”