Students, Parents & Communities

Keeping Tech Positive & Healthy

Students Grades 6-12
45-60 Minutes

Dave talks to middle and high school students candidly about focus and balance, helping them learn to take charge versus be controlled by the technology demanding their attention. Topics include cyber bullying and harassment, sexting, the dangers of pornography, being cautious about information shared online and the permanency of their digital record. He clearly sets up the case for why students need to control and monitor their actions with technology to guard their image and future as well as create a positive presence online. The presentation is very engaging and highly visual with a lot of images and multimedia. Dave polls the audience throughout the presentation by having students send answers to questions via text messages with the results displayed instantly.

Proactive Parenting Workshop:
Top Tips for Raising Tech Healthy Kids

Parents, educators & community
60-90 Minutes

Tablets, Smartphones, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Fortnite, YouTube and more... Technology is a big part of our kids’ world! Keeping up can be challenging, but a positive and well-informed approach can have a big impact on a child’s future and habits. Learn how to help kids develop a balanced and healthy use of technology. Get tips and ideas for parenting and understand the significant role you play in helping youth be responsible and safe in today’s high-tech world. Numerous ideas and free resources are shared and time for Q & A provided.

Combined Presentations

Students Grade 6-12 with Parents

Multiple options are possible. Want a blended presentation for students with their parents, with both the student content and parenting tips? No problem. Whether you have a youth group or parent education workshop, numerous formats are possible and content can be tailored and adjusted to the needs of your event. Combo presentations for both students and parents can allow time for conversation, include the interactive polling option via texting, a Q & A session, plus the ideas and free resources.